The songs were right

The first time it came to me I was alone in there
in the hall filled with noise, and nightmares and ghosts to share
Three chords and just one word in a language I didn't know
but it truly felt like I'd finally won the war

And I stayed and I sang and it seemed that the world wasn't really such a still place
at the end of the hall if I went through the wall I could reach an endless space

Lost in a blizzard storm, they came from all the way
waving flags of a truce I didn't know that day
I thought I'd heard the tunes, how this old song should go
but they painted all the rooms with colours I didn't know

Dancing on the edge of these flaming nights
Searching for the words, misreading all the signs
I will say no if they say must, but I will wait if you say trust
But, oh, all the iron-clad and weak, they melt if you just sit and speak

And I know, and I know: we can't be free from storms, and the night is about to fall
But if we squeeze our hearts, all the engines restart and there's lots of rooms for all
Before my story ends I want to build a stair
it doesn't matter when, I know I'll see you there
we'll have our wounds to show, and stories of the long fight
Then I'll take a bow and go: I've proved that the songs were right

Stay here awhile, let's give the earth another name
Making up new words, tracing lines upon the face
of this old world that will be new, behind its mask the smile of truth
And stories written on the stone, they'll last and tell that we have won
We have won