Tales of night and fires

1. Entwined lyrics
2. In our garden lyrics
3. One of you lyrics
4. Following the river lyrics
5. Fire and Song lyrics
6. Snow and spring lyrics
7. Take me away lyrics
8. The first tale lyrics
9. At the end of the world lyrics
10. The songs were right lyrics
11. La lanterna lyrics - english translation

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All songs written by Edlynn (Francesca Cappelli) and arranged by Brotherhood (Iselin Bo, Damiano Bondi, Francesca Cappelli, Alessandro Ricci, Sergio Serges)

Edlynn (Francesca Cappelli): voice; additional guitar in Take me away; keyboards in Fire and Song
Alessandro Ricci: guitars
Damiano Bondi: keyboards; accordion
Iselin Bo: cello
Sergio Serges: percussions
Sandro Crippa: synth harp in Fire and Song
Giulia Focardi: soprano in Fire and Song
Ilaria Cariddi, Federica Caso, Valentina Galvini: voices in The first tale

Recorded at Azioni Musicali - Loppiano
Recording and mixing: Sandro Crippa
Mastering: Emanuele Chirco
Photos: Giulia Basile
Project supervision: Ilaria Cariddi, Valentina Galvini
Logo: Valentina Galvini
Graphic: Igor Biddau Fresnelmultimedia.it
Designer: Giulio Bonatti

Thanks to
Iselin, Damiano, Sandro, Sergio
Sandro Crippa
John Chatterton, for proofreading the lyrics
Giulia Basile, Benjamin Bo, Ilaria Cariddi, Federica Gea Artemisia Caso, Giulia Focardi, Valentina Galvini, Chiara Menicalli, Fraternità della Visitazione
All those who provided help, support, friendship, patience, curiosity, inspiration, time, food
You, for sharing the way with these songs