In our garden

In our garden there’s a monster,
and he’s waiting in the well
take your book, now, turn the pages
hold my hand and find the spell
In our garden there’s a passage
where the two trees join their arms
if a world alone is small
if a world is not enough
we know what to do

In our garden there’s a secret
we’re the ones who made it be
yet we long to know the answer
would you find the truth with me?
In our garden there is magic
is it dark or is it white?
It is dark but we are strong
it is white, and it is ours
we know what to do

In the twilight, in the twilight
when the day is saying goodbye
when a little fear comes in
it is then I love the most
to be with you, in our garden

And a thousand seasons
danced away from our little land
And a million stars
shined, burned and died in the end
Give me just some years to walk
and to see the world outside
Then we kept the promise:
we met again, at the right time
And we're still walking in our garden

In our garden there’s a secret
there’s a twisted mystery
it is not one of our stories
it’s a cold breath from the sea
It’s a nightmare, unexpected
but I'm sure you won't fall apart
Hold my hand now, trust our training
all those years have made you strong
take the book, now, you can use it
there’s a monster in the well
you don't have to be afraid
You still have our spell