I'm Edlynn, born around the end of 1983 in a very nice place near Florence, in Italy. My real name is Francesca Cappelli, but I'm not very fond of it (mostly due to the fact that the last syllable of the name is the same as the first one of the surname. When you say it fast, in Italian, it sounds like a single, obnoxiously long and difficult word. Not a very pleasant sound.)
I chose the pseudonym of Edlynn because of its pleasant sound, and also because it joins the names of two made up characters I used to write stories about when I was a child.

I'm a singer and songwriter. I write songs in English because when I started composing I had just begun to study English in school, and no one in my family could speak it. So English was like some kind of special secret language for me. Now I write both in English and Italian.
I also write stories and poetry. Some of my short tales have been published in anthologies in Italy.

I'm a cosplayer. I make costumes, some of them original, some other inspired by existing characters from comics, books, movies and so on. I wear my costumes during conventions and also when I am on stage.

I am a junior high school teacher (I teach History and Geography), that my favourite things in the world are people, stories and music, and that I love ghosts, theatres, umbrellas, and striped socks.
When I grow old, I want to be one of those magical, crazy old ladies that live in strange places and help everybody, without ever speaking clearly. I hope I get to be one of them. I know, I have to work on it. I have to be old, to begin with. But I'm sure that one day we'll meet again, there, in my improbable house, where I'll offer you tea and strange words, and I'll give back everything that I was given on my way.

If you're curious about the name of this website, Redemyran is a place of my stories. It's some sort of crossroads between worlds. A crossworlds. I just love the concept of crossing things and ways and stories.

Thanks for being here and sharing some of your time with me.