Fire and song

Fire fire burning bright
in the dark rooms of the night
show the ones without direction
where's your shelter and protection
show the ones who lost their way
where their rest is, far away
show us all the hidden face
of this living, endless place

Fire fire, blessed flame
in the dark you call my name
I was roaming, lost and frail
when I saw your blessed trail
Then I followed your strange call
piercing through this fading soul
till that window came in sight
where your children share your light

Fire fire burning bright
beating heart of this dark night
in this world that's full of shouts
there are those who close their mouths
you are born inside their gaze
in their patient, silent days
you're the sign upon the door
you're the haven and the shore

Fire fire, blessed flame
here I am, covered in shame
while this awful, endless sound
makes me circle, round and round
Let the darkness be more clear
give me peace enough to hear
a new voice that whispers close
and my secret tongue it knows

Fire fire burning bright
in the alleys of the night
there are many with no name
lighting up your silent flame
show the ones who must retreat
there's a victory in defeat
draw the map of a new land
for the ones who reached the end

Fire fire, blessed flame
all my enemies proclaim
that I'm lost, I'm out of time
will you give me just a rhyme?
You can save me with one verse.
In this living universe
when I've learnt your holy song
with your light I'll sing along

I'm following your call
The darkness swallows all
I thought that I had lost my voice, that I could only fall
Yet you're still burning bright
you answer with your light
I see them lighting up every corner of the night

I'm joining in your song
that's burning all night long
I thought that all the world was lost, but then I was proved wrong
Those worn-out words like “light”
that get lost in the fight
I want to make you see them when my window is alight